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sanyuktashah777, F, 18-90, (Sydney, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 18-90 , F Age/Gender: 18-90 , F
Available: 11-Feb-18 Max weekly rent: $200.00
Modified: 20-Feb-18 Location: Sydney, NSW
Hey there, I am from India currently working full time in Sydney CBD. I am quite a cheerful and happy person, love to make new friends. Love shopping and going on treks and hikes. I am a good cook and like to be with positive people around

anushreesarda, F, 18-30, (Kensington, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 18-30 , F Age/Gender: 18-90 , Dont Care
Available: 09-Feb-18 Max weekly rent: $300.00
Modified: 09-Feb-18 Location: Kensington, NSW
I'm 22 years old and am from India. I'm looking for a place that I can call home, my personal haven. I love meeting new people, socializing and making friends, but at the same time, I also enjoy my personal space when at home. I cannot live without music and dance and live to eat. I enjoy cooking and look forward to cooking my own meals. I'm a vegetarian, though I do enjoy eating and cooking eggs. I enjoy going out at nights but am not an all-night party hard kind of a person, and I also don't drink much. I enjoy watching movies and tv shows, you'll find me doing this the most during my free time. I'm a neat and clean person and am looking for someone with similar habits. Good hygiene is a must. I'm up to help around the house and doing chores. I prefer a female only flat. I'm looking to live with somebody who can be my friend and not just a flatmate. I'll be joining UNSW in February for their Master of Commerce (ext) course and am looking to move in around mid-February 2018. An ideal budget would be between 250-270 AUD (inclusive of bills) but I'm willing to go up to 300 AUD for the right place. If you think we'll get along then feel free to ping me and let's see if we can work things out. Even if we can't it'll be great to make some friends in Sydney!

shanice_jones, F, 25-90, (Manly, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 25-90 , F Age/Gender: 25-90 , Dont Care
Available: 28-Feb-18 Max weekly rent: $400.00
Modified: 29-Jan-18 Location: Manly, NSW
Hi there, we are a couple from the UK who are doing the Working Holiday Visa for a year. Eddie (25) will be working as an Arborist on the North Shore whilst I Shanice (25) will be looking for work out in Sydney, hopefully linking to the Administration or Retail experience I have. We are both fun, energetic, social, clean and tidy and love to meet new people.

ajrich50, M, 18-90, (Sydney, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 18-90 , M Age/Gender: 18-90 , Dont Care
Available: 29-Jan-18 Max weekly rent: $250.00
Modified: 17-Jan-18 Location: Sydney, NSW
I am a 24 years old male from the UK. Travelling to Australia for the first time on the 21st of January. Looking to find a job and a flat as soon as possible. I am a fun, outgoing individual, who loves making new friends. I like cooking and reading, and I come from working in hospitality so enjoy a drink as well. I am tidy and organised, and would love to find like minded people to share accommodation with.

sarahebrahimi, F, 30-35, (Castle Hill, NSW) details   contact -  Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 30-35 , F Age/Gender: 18-50 , F
Available: 10-Aug-18 Max weekly rent: $250.00
Modified: 17-Jan-18 Location: Castle Hill, NSW
Actually on October 2017 I granted for PR visa and that was a new main start in my life. On December 2017 and January 2018 I had my first visit of Australia-Sydney and now Im overseas in my country , Iran, to pack my staffs and getting ready to move to Australia, permanently and although I have a job in Iran, I’m looking for job in Sydney as well. Im working as a graduated software engineer in Database Adminitration field for near 12 years . Now With a confirmed flight ticket for 9th August, I’m looking for a room to settling in Sydney . I’m social, easy going, chilled, clean, tidy and dont smoke. I’m trying to experience new advantures around the world. Now as a granted PR in Australia, im trying to start a new life and im so curious to exploring this country! I was waiting about 2 years to be there and finally I have it ! But whenever i would be, I cant stay without music, traveling , running, hiking and waaater! Oh swimmingg, im an august’s girl ! My family and my best friends are the most valuable in my life . Haha i forgot ! One of my favourites to do is cooking new foods ! So, I hope to find an appropriate place in Sydney to stay . Its really important to me to have somewhere , warm and ok , shared with someone , with good personality, when I’ll enter Sydney on August. Because at the moment Im overseas, my Australia contact number is unreachable, but my contact number in Iran is active until then on whatsapp, telegram and also my email address is linked with my linkedin and instagram profiles.

louiseo95, F, 18-90, (Bondi Beach, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 18-90 , F Age/Gender: 20-30 , Both
Available: 27-Dec-17 Max weekly rent: $400.00
Modified: 01-Dec-17 Location: Bondi Beach, NSW
Just moved over from the U.K and looking for a place around Bondi but also happy in Randwick Im very clean so would like to live with fairly clean people, not bothered about a bit of washing up here and there. I also love to cook and am very open about sharing, happy for my housemates to borrow my things/ food when needed Want to live with fun sociable people who enjoy a night out that i can enjoy time chilling with or going bars/ club & live music events. Looking to move in after boxing day but before new years,

leonyersin, M, 18-20, (Canterbury, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 18-20 , M Age/Gender: 18-90 , Dont Care
Available: 27-Nov-17 Max weekly rent: $300.00
Modified: 27-Nov-17 Location: Canterbury, NSW
Hey everybody! My name is Leon (19) and me and my girlfriend Emma (18) are two backpackers from Germany. We are two friendly and openminded individuals who are looking for a accommodation for the next 3-5 months. We are both working full time, both non smokers and just want a nice privat room for us to stay. Tidiness and cleanness is very important to us and we need a new accommodation from the 18/12/2017. Have a nice day, Leon and Emma

mambosimba, M, 25-50, (Darlinghurst, NSW) details   contact
 Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 25-50 , M Age/Gender: 25-60 , Dont Care
Available: 08-Nov-17 Max weekly rent: $300.00
Modified: 08-Nov-17 Location: Darlinghurst, NSW
Hello, My name is Sam and I have just relocated from London UK, I am in desperate NEED of a flat share either house or apartment. I am a working professional full time, ideally would like to live with no more than 2 others. Ideal location would be close to public transport an close to CBD for work. I enjoy travelling so you would not really see me about, I love outdoor recreational activities, beach days and fun in the sun. Occasional glass of wine wont say no to. If I am not in the gym I am probably playing golf, very outgoing and sociable. If I sound like your ideal flatmate, let me know

taniablais, F, 20-30, (Sydney, NSW) details   contact -  Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 20-30 , F Age/Gender: 20-40 , Dont Care
Available: 03-Nov-17 Max weekly rent: $240.00
Modified: 11-Oct-17 Location: Sydney, NSW
Hi! My name is Tania and I'm a 26 year old recent university graduate coming to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa. I've been traveling around South East Asia for the months of September and October and plan to move to the east coast of Australia as of November 3rd 2017. I'm looking for a place relatively close to the ocean as I don't think I will have access to a car. That said, having access to public transportation is a must. I don't mind sharing an apartment or a house with anywhere from one other person to 5+ people. As long as the place is big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably (I don't want to have to live on top of someone else or in the living room). Ideally, my roommates would be in or close to my age range. I'm looking for a laid back environment, where there aren't too many ridiculous house rules; i.e. having a curfew, not allowed to use the kitchen on my own, not allowed to use the television from this time to that time, etc. I've lived with roommates in the past and know proper flat/house share etiquette. As for myself, I'm quite easy to get along with. I love to stay active through a variety of activities such as training, anything water related (specially surfing), intense trekking, long walks, etc. I'm also a photographer and spend quite a bit of time on the computer, working and editing photos and visual material. I've been starting to look into video editing as well. I consider myself to be a social introvert. I like my space and my alone time but I also very much enjoy meeting new people and having interesting conversations. Also, I speak 4 languages, so if you're interested in learning a bit of Spanish, Italian, or French, I'm you're girl! p.s. if bills such as water, internet, electricity isn't included in the weekly rent, please let me know in advance how much per week.

siobhanneary, F, 20-35, (Peakhurst, NSW) details   contact -  Looking for Room to Share
About me: Pref. household:
Age/Gender: 20-35 , F Age/Gender: 20-35 , Dont Care
Available: 08-Jan-18 Max weekly rent: $500.00
Modified: 07-Oct-17 Location: Peakhurst, NSW
I am positive, easy going and a fun individual. I am 22 years old and very social - looking for someone who also loves adventures! I am from Canada and living in Sydney while I complete the last three months of my social work degree. I will be working at an autism centre during the day but would love to explore and go out on the weekends. I love to dance, socially drink, surf, and the outdoors.

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